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How to Use a Cane

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Without the proper knowledge and tips on how to use a cane it may not serve its intended purpose of helping you walk without much pain. Improper use may also reduce the lifespan of the cane forcing you to purchase another one soon. It is sad to note that some people still fall and sustain injuries while using the cane mainly because of improper use. 

The following are some vital tips on how to use a cane correctly.

1: Read the walking cane’s user manual carefully

Your caregiver will always not be available to teach and show you how to use a cane.  At the time of purchase, you should research and enquire about how to use it correctly. You should practice how to walk using the cane, how to sit up from chair, how to get out of bed and even how to visit the lavatories. Whatever you do not understand, ask the appropriate person with that knowledge.

2:  Wear flat shoes with tight grip and walk slowlyhow to use a cane

You are advised to wear very flat shoes such as tennis shoes or rubber shoes while using the walking stick.  You should avoid wearing

sandals and slippers because they can slide from your feet and this may cause you to fall and sustain further injuries and more complications. Also avoid the shoes that have leather soles or heels because that may not have good grip.

 3: Check the floors of your house

Every article or manual on how to use a cane must tell you something about the floor of your house. It must be dry, clean and clearly lit during the day and night.  To prevent falls you should remove rugs and carpets.  NOTE THAT these tips on how to use a cane are not all that you are supposed to know about the topic. You should visit the internet and read more articles and watch more videos about how to use the how to use the walking cane correctly.


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